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Providing Coastal futsal players a quality futsal experience for all ages

Coastal Youth Futsal League

The CYFL will run a 9 game season over the winter to help teams develop and improve while playing futsal.  The CYFL will look to place teams with similar competition to benefit all the players.  The CYFL is fully sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer.  Futsal is the only indoor version of soccer approved and sanctioned by FIFA.

Coastal Futsal Academy

The Coastal Futsal Academy helps players learn about futsal.  The technical and tactical aspects as well as improving players communication are all trained in a fun and structured environment. Some of the greatest professional players started their careers playing futsal.  The sessions will be fun and the players are sure to always leave with a smile.

THANK YOU ALL who attended the Coastal Youth Futsal League Summer Program 2018!!!


"We have really enjoyed this program! We especially feel like the instructors and the fundamentals that have been taught are better than any program we have been in for the last 3 years! Great Job!"

- Tara Doran

"Doug, Wow, that went fast! This program is fantastic. Thank You!"

- Lindsay O'Connell

"Doug, Katie will miss tonight, but loved the experience."

- Chris Ingle

"Doug. My son seems to enjoy the Futsal program. Is there anything offered in the summer, ie. a camp?"

- Cori Doughty

"Hi Doug, This is really so considerate of you. This speaks volumes of your skillful administration and commitment to the kids."

- Michelle McElwaine

"This Program has been amazing in a number of levels.  These boys just want to play soccer, it has given them huge skills, exercise in prep for tryouts, time away from video games and a sense of community." - Janine Beal

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